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Originally Published On:

January 1, 2016

Originally Published By:

Haliburton Echo

A Conspiracy of Ravens

Written By:

Youkie Stagg

The raven is central to the oral tradition of the First Nations in British Columbia as both a creator and trickster. In one Haida story, Raven transforms into a human infant and is raised by a man who withholds all the light of the universe in a box. When Raven grew to be a child, he pleaded for the man to show him the box. When the man finally gave in, Raven transformed into his normal form and soared into the sky with the light, giving us the sun.

Cultures around the world have seen the raven as a messenger for the gods. The Viking god, Odin, had two ravens which flew around the world every day and reported every night about what they saw.

A group of ravens is called a ‘conspiracy’ or an ‘unkindness’. With the powers of trickery and creation, we wonder what a group of ravens might be capable of.

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