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Originally Published On:

September 17, 2022

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To Do Canada

Hike Haliburton Highlands: 15 Hikes & Lookouts For Glorious Fall Colours

Written By:

To Do Canada Editorial Team

Hike Haliburton Highlands to experience the stunning colours of the autumn season in Ontario.

Popularly known as Haliburton Highlands, the county of Haliburton, comprised of Algonquin Highlands, Dysart et al, Highlands East and Minden Hills, is an extremely popular destination to enjoy the fall season with tree canopy ranging from deep green to soft hues of yellow and gold to bright reds depending on the time and place (type of trees present) of your visit.

While hot warm summers will lead to fall colours appearing later in the season (well into October), cooler summers will see fall colours peaking much before Thanksgiving weekend.

The fall colours that you see will also vary depending on the tree. Maple trees turn auburn because their leaves are rich in anthocyanins, a compound responsible for the glorious hues of red colour. 

Poplar, Birch and Tamarack (larch) trees have carotenoids and xanthophylls which results in hues of yellow, gold and orange leaf colours.

Around the fourth weekend of September, Haliburton tourism organizes a hiking festival (2022 – September 22 to 25). Hike Haliburton Festival is Canada’s largest hiking festival and includes guided hikes, and various Fall themed experiences.

While you have to register for the guided hikes, you can always head to Haliburton anytime from mid-September to late October/early November to enjoy nature during the Fall season.

Appreciate stunning masterpieces surrounded by brilliant colours of Fall at Haliburton Sculpture Forest.

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