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Brendan Duggan

Brent Duggan.jpg

Brendan Duggan was born in Toronto in 1971, settling in Gravenhurst in 2004 with a Fine Arts Diploma from the Toronto School of Art. His work shifts between design, craft and art. Combining elements from a broad scope of metalsmithing methodology that includes commercial fabrication and machinist skills to traditional blacksmithing techniques. His sculptures range from found art, constructivist assemblages, to free-form linear monoliths.

Brendan has earned many awards for his sculptures and custom metal work, including  “Ontario Craft Council Design” from March 2011 and “Best in Show” from March 2014. 

Brendan’s business Get Bent Metal Fabrication specializes in providing high-quality, detailed custom metal fabrication in the Gravenhurst – Muskoka region and ships worldwide. Get Bent Metal offers steel, stainless steel welding, aluminum welding, copper work, as well as forging and CNC plasma cutting for a variety of industries.

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Oil Tanker Obelisk

Brendan Duggan 

(Found on Highland Street in front of Capturing Eden) 

Oil Tanker Obelisk is part of my continuing series on Canadian transportation offering viewers the chance/choice to recognize or worship a public manifestation of their supply chain

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