Self Guided Tour - PocketSights App - iPhone

Become your own tour guide and learn about the pieces of the Sculpture Forest through our PocketSights Tour. With the app you can easily learn about the history of each piece and more about each artist too!

How to Install the App

  1. Go into the Apple App Store

  2. Search PocketSights

  3. Install PocketSights Tour Guide

How to Start Your Tour
  1. Search for Haliburton, Ontario

  2. Click on the Haliburton Sculpture Forest Walking Tour

  3. Click on the start tour button, or scroll down to see the selection of sculptures we have in the forest

  4. Select Tour Mode:

    • Standard Tour will have navigation and a recommended route.

    • Free Roam will just have the sculptures listed on the map

  5. You can turn off the voice navigation system, the computer generated voice, and auto rotate by clicking the settings button at the top left of the screen, and turning off text to speech, voice navigation, or auto map rotation functions

  6. To end tour, click the end tour button at the top of the screen

Looking for a map? Access our Sculpture Forest Map online.