Éric Tardif


Éric Tardif is from Kamouraska, a region in the Bas Saint-Laurent municipality in Quebec. Tardif originally studied Natural Sciences but turned to studying the arts and sculpture to explore his passion and artistic talent.

In his work Tardif explores dimension, movement, and space. He works with several different materials and mediums in his work from wood, metal, and also has variety of mixed media 2D work as well. Tardif pushes the art world in both his concepts as well as his avant-garde method of steam-folding wood for his wood sculptures. This technique allows for his wooden sculptures to be full of movement and curved forms. 

He has received grants from CALQ (Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec) and SODEC (Société de développement des entreprises culturelles) for several years.


In recent years, Éric has expanded his artwork into bronze sculpture and has returned to his multimedia work. For the past 5 years, Eric has been working and designing Public Art and expressive outdoor sculptures in aluminum. 

Robotan No. 1
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Growing Together
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La Montée au Sommet
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He has more than 100 exhibitions to his name around the world and his work can be found in 10 galleries across North America.

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3. Parallel (1).jpg

Parallel Composition

$2 800.00

Éric Tardif

(Found on Highland Street in front of Glecoff’s Family Store.) 

The idea of this sculpture came when I wanted to create a colorful 3D form inspired by an abstract painting, creating two layers of rectangle form, painting in different colors. The result is ludic, and lively, and stimulates the curiosity of the spectators.