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2016 Haliburton Echo Article

By Youkie Stagg

Lissome #5:

By: Andrew Rothfischer, 2014

               Curvilinear shapes are repeated several times throughout nature, through water waves, grass blowing in the wind, to human silhouettes. For this reason, curvilinear shapes are seen throughout many pieces of artwork, and are more and more common within modern architecture. “Lissome #5” is one of a series of curvilinear pieces made of polished concrete and fused glass. One of the most beautiful aspects of “Lissome #5” is the way it is positioned is relation to the sun. The piece is set within the large boulders in front of the Haliburton School of Art + Design, and when the sun rises and sets, the sunlight shines through the glass within the piece and the piece appears to glow. “Lissome #5” embodies grace and flexibility which truly reflects its name.

               The Sculpture Forest offers free guided tours each Tuesday from 10-11:30 am and a shorter “Curator Selection” tour on Wednesday from 12:10 – 12:50. Meet at the kiosk in the Fleming College parking lot.

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