Michelle Cieloszczyk

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Michelle Cieloszczyk is a visual artist in Tkaronto / Toronto Ontario. Michelle's practice encompasses object-based works, installations, public interventions, and public art. Her recent body of work started in 2017, examines the politics of policing considering the roles and structures of authority through castings of uniforms.

Michelle studied at OCAD University (BFA in Sculpture/Installation) and the Glasgow School of Art.

Carapace Pillar

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Michellle Cieloszczyk 

(Looks over Head Lake from a garden

setting at the corner of Highland and York streets) 


Carapace Pillar consists of blue silicone protective vests attached to a metal structure. The piece compares the use of shields and body armour in law enforcement with the protective outer shells of animals or insects, envisioning a biological skin of policing. The sculptures create a soft and malleable shell out of an aggregate of protective equipment. The reversal of the vest's function highlights the discrepancies between hard and soft social functions.


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