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Andrew Rothfischer


Andrew Rothfischer has studied art both in Canada and abroad. While he has been on the artist's path for many years, in 2009 he finally graduated from the Haliburton School of Arts with a diploma in Visual Arts. Andrew specializes in two seemingly disparate areas; pastel paintings of landscapes and outdoor sculptures. 

His paintings often highlight places in nature that we tend to overlook or take for granted. In 2004 he produced the exhibit, “Jackson Creek – Travels through an Urban Watershed” that featured 25 paintings depicting the hard realities and the beauty that shape urban waterways today. Since that time, this idea of special places has evolved into the theme of  “Sense of Place" that has continued in the  the current series, the "Warsaw Project".


Andrew's sculptures are almost exclusively created for the outdoors. They are designed to live in a field or in a garden. They are sometimes functional garden accents like dividers, bird  baths or benches. The materials used are kiln formed glass, stone, cement or metal retrieved from the local junkyard.  He works with these hard materials - fusing, casting, molding and shaping, reclaiming -,  to create new forms that both startle and delight the viewer with their simplicity and beauty.

So how do these two disciplines tie together?  For the artist, the paintings are "of the land"; recognizing and capturing the essence of those special places that stir us. The sculptures take these impressions a step further. They play with those same colours and shapes and light, creating forms that are "on the land". Both forms, however, in their own way, celebrate and pay  homage to the landscape around us. 

For information about the purchase of Lissome#5 or other of Andy's works visit or contact

Lissome #5
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