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Art Huts

Slide the Door Open to Step into a New Experience at the Sculpture Forest

Tucked into the forest lie three Art Huts with unique art installations within each. Over time, new artists will be invited to take over these spaces and tell more stories that pique our curiosity. New

This project funded by the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario

Art Hut Map - Overview.jpg

Map of Art Huts in the Sculpture Forest

Current Art Hut Installations

New installations are coming this November to Art Hut 2 and Art Hut 3!


Charmaine Lurch

Seeing the Forest For the Bees

These magnified wild bees as wire sculptures, allow the viewer to encounter a fly-by of bees—a reminder to us of our connection to the land, how plants are pollinated and food is produced. Discover Charmaine's work and the magic of how bees hibernate through the winter.

History of the Art Huts

The Art Huts were originally the three ice fishing huts custom built by Ed Burke for “The Ice Cube Gallery”— a unique arts event held on Lake Kashagawigamog in February 2019. The brain child of Collin Burke, “The Ice Cube Gallery” was billed as 3 ice huts, 4 artists, 1 frozen lake. It attracted over 500 people to see the artwork of Rod Prouse, Victoria Ward, Chris Hanson, and Hendrika Sonnenberg, enjoy the food of chef Christoph Carl of Rhubarb, and the hospitality of Bonnie View Inn’s lounge and bar.

We have brought these huts back into action to live on as exhibition spaces in the Haliburton Sculpture Forest.

Past Art Hut Installations

August 31, 2023


Inner: Don’t Peak, 2023

August 31, 2023

Sayde Demers

The Mystery Shack, 2023

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