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Art Hut 2


Art Hut 2 is located behind Fleming College. To find Art Hut 2:

Walk to 19. Kennisis: Horse and Rider

Enter the Red Fleming College Doors

Walk straight across the Great Hall and exit the back doors to find Art Hut 2

Inner: Don’t Peak, 2023

Installation Start:

March 1, 2023

Installation End:

August 31, 2023


Inner: Don’t Peak, 2023

Performance painting in the Art Hut: eight paintings, acrylic on canvas and wood panels

Inner: Don’t Peak is a series of eight paintings that depict the artist’s physical manifestations of trauma and mental illness. The characters depicted in each of the eight paintings represent a different archetype: Baba, a humanoid-bird creature that represents generational trauma; The Neighbor, a feminine presence that represents self-harm; Suffocating Hugger, a figure draped in layered fabrics that represent depression; Double Trouble, androgynous-looking twins that represent anxiety and paranoia; The Three-Headed Who, a faceless figure with three-headsthat represent derealisation, depersonalization and  dissociation; Daydreamer, a fae that represents maladaptive daydreaming; Shackled Distract, a long-bodied creature that represents executive dysfunction; Cursed Ones, transparent humanoid figures that represent dysphoria and gender-dysphoria. Grey intends to expand this series into a divination deck, depicting a wider range of mental illnesses, disorders and unhealthy coping mechanisms.

About the Artist


Grey using their online persona Bore to be the face of their creative endeavours. He specializes in traditional illustration and painting-often leaning towards portraiture as his preferred subject matter. As an artist who struggles with mental illness, Grey wants to capture the issues, emotions, and struggles that come with mental illness and trauma.Inner: Don’t Peak is the first in a series of paintings to address this concern.

Instagram: @theboredcryptid

Grey is an Integrated Design Diploma student at Fleming College's Haliburton School of Art and Design.

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