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Originally Published On:

January 1, 2016

Originally Published By:

Haliburton Echo


Written By:

Youkie Stagg

When broken down to its origins, the word “atmosphere” is “atmo” which means vapour and “sphere” which is the same our modern definition. The sculpture was inspired by the theme “secret space.” “Atmo-sphere” is a spherical shape that creates a secret enclosure for quiet thoughts and reflection within the Sculpture Forest. The sculpture is made of granite stones, cement, Western cedar, and polished granite. It features a hidden archway, a quote from the poet Rumi written on the floor, and an oculus in the roof inspired by the Pantheon in Rome. Like the purpose of traditional oculi, the oculus of “Atmo-sphere” allows for light and air to enter the space, merging the outdoor and indoors. The striking physical appearance of the piece becomes secondary to the incredible feeling of being within the ‘secret space’ and the amplification of voices reverberating off of the walls. John MacKinnon, the creator of the work, is an artist from Nelson, BC.

The Sculpture Forest offers free guided tours in July and August each Tuesday from 10-11:30 am and a shorter ‘Curator Selection” tour on Wednesday from 12:10 – 12:50. Meet at the kiosk in the Fleming College parking lot.

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