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Originally Published On:

January 1, 2016

Originally Published By:

Haliburton Echo

Musical Inspiration

Written By:

Youkie Stagg

“The musical instrument in this sculpture has a natural bond and connection to human life. Music entertains and educates us and speaks a universal language. The Dolomite lines represent the lyrics accompanying the music from the guitar. The lady is listening to the inspiring lyrics and music and it gives her happiness and peace. Music can do that.” – Simon Chidharara. Simon found the springstone used for “Musical Inspiration” in a mountain side quarry in Zimbabwe (where he lives) and was inspired to make this sculpture. He and his friends carried the rock down the mountain to his studio. The smooth sections of the piece were sanded with seven grades of sandpaper then the rock was heated to open up its pores and it was then polished with wax. The white lines were formed by cutting grooves into the stone and filling them with crushed dolomite. Chidharara is represented in Canada by ZimArt’s Rice Lake Gallery.

The Sculpture Forest, located in Glebe Park, Haliburton, offers free guided tours each Tuesday from 10-11:30 am and a shorter “Curator Selection” tour on Wednesday from 12:10–12:50. Meet at the kiosk in the Fleming College parking lot.

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