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Charmaine Lurch


Artist Bio

Charmaine Lurch is a multidisciplinary artist whose painting, sculpture, and social engagement reveal the intricacies and complexities of the relationships between us and our environments. Her sculptures, and installations contend with what is visible and present in conjunction with what remains unsaid or unnoticed. Lurch applies her experience in community arts and education to create inviting entry points into overwhelmingly complex and urgent racial, ecological, and historical matters.

Lurch holds a Master in Environmental Studies from York University and has completed studies at the Halliburton School of Art + Design, Sheridan College, OCAD University, and the School of Visual Arts (SVA NYC). Lurch has exhibited beyond and throughout Canada, and her works have been acquired by Global Affairs Canada to be exhibited in EXPO 2021 held in Dubai and Canadian embassies and consulates globally.

Installed Sculptures

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