John McKinnon

Name of Sculpture: Atmo-Sphere
Materials: Locally quarried granite
Description: A bold granite sphere with a hidden sunlit sanctuary
Installation Date: August, 2013

Number on Map: 23


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About the Sculpture:

One of the truly amazing things about Haliburton County is its forests and other quiet places. Inspired by this and the phrase “A Secret Space” John created Atmo-Sphere. It provides a hidden entrance in a large granite sphere for quiet reflection in the outdoors. Within the enclosure is a bench to sit and contemplate the quote on the floor. Don't forget to look up and enjoy the view while being embraced by the sounds of nature all around. The circular space in the roof was inspired by the architecture of the Pantheon. John spent four weeks in August and September 2013 creating this work. The stone for the dome is from the McBain Quarrie near Minden. The bench is created from West Coast cedar. John created the floor tiles out of polished granite in his studio in Nelson B.C.