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Doug Stephens


Doug Stephens has been carving stone since taking a course in Haliburton in 1998. Years before he had worked in the set department for film and television and then went on to study sculpture in Halifax at the Nova Scotia School of Fine Art, but had not settled on a medium that had any real meaning for him. That changed when he studied in Haliburton with George Pratt, who then invited him to spend some months in Vancouver apprenticing at his studio. Later that year, Doug opened his own studio in Muskoka and has had his work shown in galleries in Bala, Gravenhurst, Rosseau and Haliburton. Every summer since then he has taught at the Haliburton School of The Arts. In May of 2001 he moved his studio to Belleville and began working as a full-time sculptor for the Campbell Monument Company, carving sculptures for the local and North American market.

A granite stone sculpture of a woman sleeping on a large rock.
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