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Downtown Haliburton Sculpture Exhibition


Black Reflection

Robert Wehkamp

Black Reflection

A carved contemporary hardwood sculpture.  There is no specific message, just the beauty of the wood grain, form, geometry and colour for the viewer to enjoy.

Robert Wehkamp

"As a mixed-media artist, Robert is inspired through two life-long passions: nature and technology"


Through sculpting, he draws his inspiration from nature. With his pieces, he aims to harmonize nature and abstraction. The basis of the sculpture is the reduction of the essential expression. With few components, the pieces should make a lasting impression, connecting with their environment. They are conceptualized with a distinct surrounding in mind.

On the other hand, Robert's paintings are motivated by technology, portrayed through the bright colours, sharp angles, and geometrical concepts.

"I make the sculptures with no particular meaning involved so it doesnt have association with anything. Instead I would like the viewer to see the beauty of the sculpture, the beauty of the wood grain, the colouring, and whatever inspires people."

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