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Downtown Haliburton Sculpture Exhibition

Part of Sculpture Forest Collection


Don Frost


I had a lot of fun making this piece during the COVID-19 lockdowns. It was a real escape from the world and just evolved into this primitive, organic shape. I live beside a bike trail and this piece brought in many people off the path to see what I was working on. The mount is also unusual for me, going up on a diagonal which gives the piece some extra movement. The finish is graphite, top coated in a prismatic gold to magenta paint. The piece is made from fiberglass, and  composites and is designed to withstand weather extremely well.

Don Frost

“The act of being a sculptor and continually experiencing the creative challenges in this multidimensional world causes a thought process that spills over into all facets of life causing the world of the artist to become a work of art”

Peterborough born Don Frost had his future path laid out for him by winning first prize in a city wide art exposition at age six in grade one. The following year at age seven, Don had a group showing at thePeterborough Public Library.  Public school had its usual trials and tribulations and it was not until grade 10 that Don discovered that he was colour blind to all but the primary colours. At this point Don’s life took a right turn and sculpture was all that he focused on. Don teamed up with a friend in grade 11 who became his art agent and they enjoyed considerable success in the Peterborough area. Afterhigh school Don took some time off to do his art and apprentice as a mechanic for a year.


In 1973-74 he attended Sheridan Art College followed by a decision to become a professional sculptor having just received a major commission for a large 15' tall sculpture for a new mall being built in Peterborough, Ontario. This was followed by the creation of the largest sculpture in Canada in 1983 by winning a competition for an indoor work for the Michael Starr Building in Oshawa, Ontario. Always seeking new outlets for art Don acquired an art agent in Ottawa which led to an introduction to a patron who kept Don busy creating more than 40 sculptures in a period of twenty years. 

Don’s work internationally was recently a commission for four large works for a garden in Club Medjulis in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Previously to this in an expansive design project by the late King Hussein for a 1.6 km wall of huge relief panels commemorating the history of Jordan, Don’s work on six of these panels was accepted by King Abdullah. Experiencing greater notoriety for the global uniqueness of his art, Don was presented with awards from Peterborough County and commemorated in the Walk of Fame. Presently Don has art representatives across the United States and Canada.

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