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Downtown Haliburton Sculpture Exhibition



Carolanne MacLean


In the thoughtful pose of this piece, I am trying to capture the contemplative state of a young woman, loosely capturing the energy.

Carolanne MacLean

I feel I am working with energy, whether painting or sculpting. I am interested in the healing value of colour and the surprising beauty of the accidental mark, and intrigued by the very existence of our response to beauty.

Carolanne MacLean was born in Toronto in 1949. She is a graduate with honours of the Ontario College of Art in Fine Art and has a B.A. from the University of Toronto. Her large encaustic abstract works are a study in light, colour and texture, sometimes involving the figure, often nonrepresentational. Her City Souls paintings capture moments, passing expressions on the faces around us.

She pursues the beauty of the figure through a regular sculpture practice. 

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