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Downtown Haliburton Sculpture Exhibition

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Szonja Vucsetics


Plane & Cedar Logs

“Night” consists of two wooden sculptures side-by-side, depicting a reclining human figure wrapped in a blanket, sleeping beside a small campfire. The figure is carved out of a single plane tree log, and the fire from a cedar stump. Stained black, with pieces of shell and metal flake inlay, the blanket depicts a night sky rendering an image of the universe.

This installation explores the connection between micro- and macrocosm (mortal human life within vast infinity), and nature as our beginning, ending, nurturer and destroyer.

Szonja Vucsetics

Szonja Vucsetics is a Hungarian - Canadian artist based in Toronto, working primarily in oil paint and mixed media on paper. She graduated in drawing and painting from OCAD University in 2007 and has lived and worked in Hungary, Jamaica and Canada.

​Fascinated from early childhood by the expressive voice of colour in nature and visual imagery, Vucsetics looked to expressionism and storybook illustrations to relate her work through her early years as an artist. Using art as a therapy through life experiences, traumas and journeys, her work continuously developed as a visual journal telling the story of lived and subconscious experiences. 

​Her illustrative works speak the visual language of stories and dreams, playfully blurring the boundaries between reality and imagination, impression and expression, representation and abstraction.

Through material explorations with brushwork and colour, her work often focuses on our relationship to land as the place that holds our stories.

​Recently, Vucsetics has been working on narrative depictions of nature and landscape as an allegory for the human conditions of death, rebirth, joy and suffering.

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