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Downtown Haliburton Sculpture Exhibition

$3,400.00 + HST

Retrieving Courage

Kim Collins

Retrieving Courage

Recycled Mixed Media

Life is full of obstacles, ups and downs, highs and lows. Retrieving Courage is a mixed media/recycled materials sculpture that is symbolic of strength when facing adversity. Pets bring joy and happiness, provide laughter and reduce stress. Pet owners can relate to the humour of the e-collar/cone (the awkwardness). The protective collar is inscribed with numerous encouraging messages and joyful doodles like the get-well wishes written on plaster casts. Everyone needs a best friend of sunshine to offer support when life becomes challenging. A mascot for empowerment and positivity, Retrieving Courage demonstrates that sometimes you end up in a cone, but it’s going to be OK. Life is full of cones, those bumps in the road that knock you off course, stand tall and wear yours proudly. My goal is that people interact with the dog by reading the notes on the collar and walk away feeling happier and more courageous.

Kim Collins

Kim Collins is a graphic designer and sustainable artist from Lincoln, Ont. The majority of her design career has been in the sports industry, creating graphics for bicycles. From her studio, she provides local and international clients with creative services from illustration to packaging. Kim is constantly working on mixed media fine art in both 2 and 3 dimensions for exhibition and public display. Common themes throughout her pieces are nostalgia and surrealism with a rich saturated palette and recycled materials.

“As an artist and outdoor enthusiast, I am extremely conscious of the materials and processes used in my artwork. Most or if not all of my pieces use recycled canvases, mistinted paint or some other reused component. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment to re-purpose unwanted discarded and damaged items from thrift stores by turning them into new artworks. My style is a fusion of my graphic design and fine arts training. It is always evolving as I am forever in the creative space experimenting with new techniques and constantly learning.”

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