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Downtown Haliburton Sculpture Exhibition


The Gatekeeper

Elise Muller

The Gatekeeper

The Gatekeeper is carved from two different rocks.  The Gray Jay in this sculpture is carved from Indiana Limestone and it is perched on a “fencepost" carved from Travertine (Adair Marble).  It is attached to a steel base as it was part of the Elora Sculpture Project. It's a great Gatekeeper, having guarded the entrance to Stone Tree Sudio ever since. Now it's time for the Gray Jay to fly off and see new places. ~Elise Muller~

Elise Muller

Eilse Muller's work began in 2001 with 3 Stone Carving courses at the Haliburton Schhol of Art + Design, where she is now a part time faculty member. She sculpts with natural rocks and minerals for both indoor and outdoor sculptures. Elise has brought the natural aspects of her sculpture practise into her jewelry and printmaking.

Elise Muller’s granite sculpture "Attunement" won the 2018/19 Canadian Sculpture Competition at Kingsbrae Garden in St. Andrews, New Brunswick. Elise carves stylized figures in a variety of stone such as limestone, granite, and marble. She enjoys the whole process of stone sculpting from picking the stone to chiseling, to seeing the figures emerge, to filing, and finally polishing.   

In 2016 Elise carved the limestone sculpture of a family that is in front of the Dorset Community Health Hub. Three of her sculptures have been on public display in Elora and Fergus as part of the Elora Sculpture Project from 2016-2018.  Elise was part of the Haliburton Downtown Sculpture Exhibition in 2019 with her limestone “Dancers”, in 2023 with “Abstract #7” and is pleased to return again this year with "The Gatekeeper". 

Elise lives near Dorset and shares Stone Tree Studio with her partner, furniture maker Cirvan Hamilton. 

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