Dreaming Stones

Dreaming Stones


Kevin Lockau

Name of Sculpture: Dreaming Stones
Materials: Granite boulders
Description: a 2.75 metre "mystical totem", made from six boulders collected from around the region
Installation Date: June, 2001

Number on Map: 3


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About the Work:

Kevin chose granite boulders as the medium for his installation, “Dreaming Stones”, - a 2.75 meter "mystical totem", made from six boulders collected from around the region. At the base of the totem is a sleeping wolf or coyote. Also included are a pattern of concentric circles representing time and growth rings, leaves representing regeneration, life and economy, contour lines representing contour plowing, and the faces of pioneers. Perched above all - the Owl, symbol of wisdom, flight and change. Over time a patina of lichen has conveyed a feeling of age and has accentuated the patterns. Visitors are welcome to feel the textural patterns and handle the same stone as the settlers did.

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