Jiří Genzer

Name of Sculpture: Harmony
Materials: Limestone
Installation Date: June 2017

Number on Map: 29


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Carved on the Canadian Shield:

Four artists from three countries visited Haliburton for a three week sculpture symposium in 2017 in celebration of Dysart 150, Ontario 150, and Canada 150. Beginning with a block of limestone, each artist was tasked with creating a piece that reflected the theme of carving on the Canadian Shield.

Artist Statement:

I developed the idea for “Harmony” a number of years ago to express the concept of a harmonic relationship - supporting, helping and finding joy together. “Harmony” is a continuation of a previous work called “Balance” which portrays keeping all extremes in good balance. For us in Europe, Canada has always been a symbol of freedom, tolerance and harmonic relationships. That is why I chose the Harmony motif for the Sculpture Symposium “Carved on the Canadian Shield”. It represents my vision of Canada and my hopes for a positive future for your country, the Sculpture Forest and the Haliburton School of Art + Design.