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Jiří Genzer


Jiří studied architecture at the faculty of civil engineering CTU, and attended sculpting courses in the studios of Milana Váchy, Pavla Přikryla, Stanislava Hanzíka, Louis Kodyma and Charles Kronych. Jiří currently lives in Prague, Czech Republic and has sculpted over 50 monumental sculptures in schools, hospitals, and public buildings around the Czech Republic.

Since 1985, as part of the association of restorers, Jiří has restored old architecture and sculptures. Since 1987, he has been a member of the Union of Czech Artists and has done many exhibitions of his work. He began work with ice in 1997. Jiří has been organizing and teaching international sculpture courses in the Czech Republic and around the world since 2000. Also since 2000, he has also organized many international sculpture symposiums.

In 2001, Jiří began working with sand. Over the past 20 years, Jiří has entered over 50 sand festivals and 50 ice festivals to create sculptures. Jiří has taken commissioned work for open spaces, such as parks, city centers, and hotels and has created sculptures for private collections. Jiří’s work is displayed in art galleries across the world.

Jiří came to Haliburton as part of the Carved on the Canadian Shield Sculpture Symposium. Celebrating Canada, Ontario, and Dysart 150, four artists came to Haliburton to carve a piece out of limestone representing Canada and the Canadian Shield.

A vertical limestone sculpture with circular curves carved into it.
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