Redwing Frond

Redwing Frond


Darlene Bolahood

Materials: Steel and Acrylic panels
Description: 14' feet high, curved metal spine pointing north, painted acrylic panels attached to top half of spine
Location: Haliburton Sculpture Forest; Western end of the South Trail
Installation Date: August, 2003

Number on Map: 9


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Vision for Sculpture:

The sculpture’s axis, from base to tip, is perfectly aligned: the compass needle pointing to the true north. The sun’s rays, at this latitude, find the lenses of the coloured panels, casting shadows that change with the skies. The streaks of pigment opaque on the transparent surfaces along with the overlapping edges of the panels create kaleidoscopic forms within these shapes. The form is explosive red. Like transparent marble veined with golds, silvers and black, the leaf/feather/louver-paged panels reflect the flight of birds, growth of the forests and books of the art of learning. Catching the wind, changing frequencies, perhaps it will even posses a voice where it stands. Imagine the red of this leaf against the white of the snow, the red of this leaf opposing the brilliance of the new spring greens, softening into the aging dust of summer, and then disappearing into the famous autumn colours of the Haliburton Highlands. The leaf for growth, the feather: mark of freedom and flight, the pages of the book: the freedom in self-knowledge… which marks the only absolute measure of success in the uncovering and unleashing of an artist’s soul. I pay tribute to the land and the rock, sun, sky and wind and the school standing within that space.