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Das Buch XXIII

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Marianne Reim


Steel, Chain Mail

Installation Date

January 1, 2019

Since 1994, Marianne Reim has been working on a series of books (DAS BUCH) cut from steel. They currently number 70. The books are personal interpretations of her history within a larger cultural history. These books contain steel pages, which can be turned and read, and they are bound. The antitheses of paperbacks, these books are constructed through a process of cutting, burning, and welding into the sheets of steel. In this manner, Marianne is able to inscribe a universal language through form and line. The content of the books emerges from memories. For example, DAS BUCH 10 was inspired by a visit to the Berlin Wall. DAS BUCH 18 contains a diary-like entry, another one in Latin reflects Marianne’s interest in the universality of language.

Artist Statement: The specific forms of my work float on the surface of a well of memory. I create discreet objects, objects in series and installation. My preferred material is steel. In my constructions, the material wears its identity through rough-cut edges, visible welds and an undisguised slabness. I may combine them with glass, stone, text, and photographs. By cutting, burning and welding, experience and emotion are melded into steel.

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