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Forest Screen Bench

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Scott McKay


Corten Steel

Installation Date

January 1, 2020

Wendy Wilkins, the patron who purchased Mother Earth and commissioned the Sun Bench to accompany it, thought it would be lovely to add a couple more Scott McKay one-of-a-kind benches to create Mother Earth’s living room where a whole family or group of friends could gather. So, she worked with the Sculpture Forest to commission two new nature inspired benches - Forest Screen Bench and Fire Bench - to complete the set and create Mother Earth's living room.

In 2018 the Haliburton Sculpture Forest teamed up with the Haliburton Village BIA (business Improvement Area) to create the Downtown Haliburton Sculpture Exhibition. This featured the display of six sculptures on the main street from Ontario artists from June to October. McKay’s Mother Earth was one of them. Mother Earth is McKay’s vision of the classical mother figure who is one with the tree of life.

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