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Shelter Shift

Shelter Shift

Sculpture is Now Decommissioned

Phillip Vander Weg

Materials: Wood, paint, hardware
Description: Brightly coloured 3D representation of a child's sketch of a house
Installation Date: July, 2007

Decommission Date: June, 2017

Number on Map: 17

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Artist’s Vision for the Sculpture:

Shelter Shift 07.2007 is a continuation of the shelter shift series, which references a “house/shelter” icon form and the fact that little is at right angles; planes have shifted, or are askew. The intent is to both confuse what is three-dimensional or may be the illusion of three dimensionality, and in the process to create an intentional degree of ambiguity, a duality of real and perceived space. The simple form carries a number of possible associations with it: home, house, shelter, barn, shed, or cottage. Intense primary colors create a childlike reference, making the form playful, a welcoming space to visit. The actual physical openness of the structure further entices viewers to enter the structure and engage directly with the space. The cumulative effect sparks the imagination of participants to create personal narratives and memories. Shelter Shift 07.2007 is deliberately situated to blend with the forest, while affording excellent viewing of neighboring works. Shelter Shift 07.2007 is also differentiated from others in the series with the inclusion of a rock foundation and native stone transitional elements. The smaller works have an intimacy about them and allow for dynamics to be explored with various grouping arrangements not possible with the larger pieces. Color interaction, texture, contrasts and similarities are endless avenues for investigation and visual reward.

Shelter Shift was decommissioned in June, 2017

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