To Cut or Not To Cut

To Cut or Not To Cut


John Beachli

Materials: Local Granite
Description: Father and son having a conversation over the stump of a recently felled tree.
Installation Date: August, 2006

Number on Map: 15


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About the Sculpture:

Haliburton County has a long history of men working in the forest, in logging camps—such those run by Mossom Boyd—or cutting timber on their own land and also a history of sons learning skills from their fathers as they helped them with their work. This sculpture, carved out of local stone recovered from rock blasted from the Pre-Cambrian shield at a nearby building site, tells the story of a man and his son having a conversation over the stump of a tree that has just been felled. “To Cut or Not to Cut” is about the conversations that occur when a son is working with his father. It is also a representation of the never-ending push and pull of our relationship with the forest. We need the timber for building shelter, for heat, for a thousand different reasons; we also need the forests to conserve our environment, to protect our water, to provide habitat and to purify the air. How do you decide what to cut and what not to cut?