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Striped Maple

Ojibwe Name:


Scientific Name:

Acer pensylvanicum

Significance in Ojibwe Cultures:

When a moose gets injured they will go straight to striped maple because there is a medicinal property that helps heal bruises. Observing the behavior of moose allowed Indigenous peoples to realize the medicinal properties of this tree. This tree promotes and stimulates angiogenesis which is the production of new blood vessels.

How to Identify the Leaves:

"A small understory tree, striped maple is distinct because of its green and white striped bark. It has large, wide leaves with only 3 main lobes. Leaves turn yellow in the fall. The flowers and winged seeds hang in long clusters, maturing in the fall. It is naturally found in damp woods, ravines and on north-facing slopes in more southern climates."

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